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St. Patrick’s Day Treat

 - by Stacey

This is a St. Patrick’s Day treat I made for my son’s class. Dip Oreo cookies in chocolate about half way then put them on wax paper to cool a little. Sprinkle or dip chocolate covered Oreo cookies in green sugar sprinkles. Put back on wax paper and stick them in the fridge to cool for a couple hours. Package them up in little snack bags or get a little fancy and use St. Patrick Day bags. Now that is a cute, quick treat for the class to enjoy.

St. Patrick’s Day, Hair Style

 - by Stacey

Wet the hair with a spray bottle or do this after they get out of the shower so the hair is wet and easier to work with. Pull your child’s hair back in a ponytail and loosen the ponytail holder just a little. Then poke a hole in between the head and the ponytail holder so you can pull the ponytail up through the hole from under the ponytail. Then you split the ponytail into three different straight sections, twist each one separately and bobby pin them into shape of a three left clover. You could even try to braid each section and then bobby pin them into shape. I hope this helps you do this cute little style on your child’s hair for St. Patrick’s Day.